Welcome to Exim-Food LLC!

Our company is a wholesale food distributor which exports products from more than 15 countries.

We have earned great trust and recognition from our clients for supplying them with quality products, competitive rates,

prompt delivery and impeccable service at high international level.

Our main goal as an international products supplier is to export food and drinks,

such as sweets, coffee, tee, confectionery and canned food,poultry products to our business client and partners all over the World,

from single mixed pallet orders to full trucks of single product.

We have very big supply chain and excellent relationships with producers, wholesalers and distributors. If you have a particular brand or product that you're interested in, just let us know and we'll source it for you.

Thank you very much for considering our offer.

We welcome your questions, inquiries and personal visits to our office in Ukraine or even meetings in our business-trips.

New Products

  1. Konkur – Happy fish
    Crackers in the shape of fish smothered in salt.

    Box weight, kg:7,0

    Number per box, kg/pc:7
  2. Bochkovoe
    Pasteurized beer is a beautiful golden color, has a distinct flavor and aroma of hops with a soft "dry" a note on the palate. "Bochkovoe" - currently the best-selling beer sales, which only proves the excellent taste of this beer.

    0.5 liter

    1.5 liter
  3. Cheese product «Russkiy klassicheskiy» 8,0
    Weight: 8 kg

    Package: cylinder in plastic

    Fat content: 50%

    Nutritional value: fat - 28,0 g, protein - 23,0 g. Calories per 100 g: 1506 kJ (360 kCal)


Recommended products

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